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organic wine

Name of the wine: Limine 

First year of production:  2008

Agricolture: organic since 1999

Description of the vineyards: The soil composition is a clay loam originated by the geological formation called “Marl of Vicchio”(marl and clay marl).

Alitude: 500 metres

Exposure: south , south-west

Pruning tecnique: unilateral cordon

Planting years: 1999

Plants density: in the new wineyards 7.000 plants per hectare

Rootsocks: 420 A 

Grape varieties: 100% Merlot

Vinification tecnique: The harvest (completely done by hand) starts towards the end of September . The grapes are collected in small boxes(maximum  content 15 kg each) . The boxes are moved to a terrace situated on the roof of the cellar where there is the destemmer. The must enters directly by gravity in the cellar’s   containers (capacity 10 hectoliters) through some openings of the terrace. During the alcoholic fermentation we manually press the skins. The liquid and the skins are in contact about 18-28 days then they are divided and the wine is transferred into the barriques (capacity: 225 litres) where the malolactic fermentation takes place. The wine lies in the barriques for about a 18 mounth. Later we transfer it into concrete containers and after 6-8 months we bottle it. The wine is refined in the bottles for 2 year.

Date of bottling: February .

Mains  analytical datas:  Alcohol  13,50 % –  Total aciditye : 5,10 – 5,70 gr/ litre                                    

                                            Total dry extract : 28,50 – 29,00  gr/              

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Sughero, FOR 51

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