organic grape cultivation

Name of the wine:  Vinsanto of Frascole 

First year of production:  1993

Agricolture: organic since 1999

Planting years: 1967, 1970.

Description of the vineyards: The soil composition is a clay loam originated by the geological formation “Marl of Vicchio” (marl and clay marl). 

Altitude: 500 metres

Exposure: south, south-west

Pruning tecnique: unilateral cordon

Plants density: 2800 plants per hectare

Grape varieties: Trebbiano and white Malvasia, we don’t know the clones in the old vineyards.

Vinification technique: The vine-harvest (completely done by hand) usually starts in the middle of September . We put the grapes in small boxes ( maximum capacity 15 kg each) and we bring them into a special drying room where we hang them on vertical nets in order to dry them. The room has got big windows and it is situated in a dry and windy place . The grapes are dried until the first days of March.

During the first week of March we press the grapes whit a traditional wine-press, then we transfer the must into small chestnut and oak  barrels called “ caratelli”.The capacity is 40-80 litres .

The Vinsanto refines in the barrels more than 9 years. Later it is manually bottled without filtering it.

Mains  analytical datas : Alcohol: 13,50 -14,50 %

                                          Residual sugar : 230 – 280 g/litre

                                        Total acidity: 6,50 – 7,80 gr/ litre                                    

                                        Total dry extract : 220,00 – 250,00  gr/litre

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