the winery



Frascole winery is always full of surprises. The craftsmanship follows the nature and inclinations of the highest Chianti Rufina. Walking always with the tradition of Sangiovese, in time it has been enriched by lucky encounters between the earth and a selection of classical vine varieties. Without forgetting the olive groves that grow side by side with the vineyards.

The producers themselves will welcome you in the winecellar, ready to answer your requests and curiosities.
You can buy all products directly as well as in the online store.

The Reds of Frascole

Five wines. From Chianti Rufina DOCG to pure allochthonous vines. Our reds offer different shades and intensities of the land that welcomes them, to accompany the table every day as that of the holidays.

Bitornino Rosso


Frascole Riserva

Pinot Nero

The Whites of Frascole

The north-facing vineyard is reserved for them, among the cooler slopes of the hills. The Trebbiano in purity is declined in two bottles, to which are added the daily Bitornino and the allochthonous Traminer and Sauvignon.

Bitornino Bianco

In Albis

In Albis sulle bucce

Dulcis in fundo

A red passito and an incredible vinsanto close the labels of our cellar.
For those looking for a unique and surprising wine.

Vinsanto DOC

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In the Frascole estate we also produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil, organic like all our products.
So good that those who try it can no longer do without it.